A documentation of all our members by year, memorializing those who made this club great!


Ms. Iselin- Coach

Tyler L, 9th Grade- Head of Outreach, Backup Driver

Andrew F, 9th Grade- Head Builder, Driver

Lucas P, 9th Grade- Head Programmer

Johnny M, 9th Grade- Outreach

Mario C, 9th Grade- Builder, 3D Printing

Matthew R, 9th Grade- Programmer

Jaden R, 9th Grade- Programmer, Co-Head of Digital

Bruce T, 9th Grade- Builder, Driver

Justin S, 10th Grade- Outreach, Co-Head of Digital

Jacob B, 10th Grade- Builder

Nathan C, 11th Grade- Programmer


Mr. Engel- Coach

Tyler L, 10th Grade- Head of Outreach, Driver

Andrew F, 10th Grade- Builder, Driver

Jaden R, 10th Grade- Programmer, Head of Digital

Justin S, 11th Grade- Outreach

Jacob B, 11th Grade- Head Builder

Brett D, 11th Grade- Builder, Head Cleaner

Rudolf S, 9th Grade- Builder

Alyson R, 9th Grade- Programmer



This is a place where we document the members of the robotics club per year.